I am an experienced web developer & Interaction Designer. I have a strong passion for design detail, aesthetics and create stimulating and fluid user experiences. My goal as a designer is to create exciting human-computer interactions which are both innovative and intuitive but, above all else, inspire others.

My other passions include: rock climbing, snowboarding, travel & culture, tinkering with technology and meeting interesting people.

Work History

  • Partner/Developer at Shed

    Oct 2010 - Present

    A web development agency based in London, Shed have built applications for a large and diverse range of clients, including a Dragon’s Den finalist. We specialize in high powered, and efficient web applications, websites and mobile apps.

  • Interaction Designer/Developer at Nonsense

    Sep 2010 - Nov 2011

    Lead developer at this [then] small, independant digital marketing agency in London. I managed the production of all web builds including many parts of the creative and design processes plus the management of internal and external resource.

  • Developer at HelloPablo

    Jun 2007 - Jan 2012

    HelloPablo was the identity I used when doing commercial freelance work. I stopped trading as HelloPablo once Shed Collective was formed. I still maintain this identity for personal projects and my portfolio.

Noteable Projects

  • Nails, a PHP framekit


    An opensource PHP framework and toolkit to make developing powerful PHP websites an absolute breeze.

  • More coming soon!


    There are more, I promise - just need to find time to write them up/make a microsite.


  • Interactive Media Design BSc (Hons), First Class

    2010, University of Dundee, Scotland